• PEO Services by LandrumHR

    Our Orange Beach, AL PEO services uses a staff of Certified Human Resources Professionals who systematically and strategically cooperate with each other to offer small to mid-size companies professional HR Outsourcing. This team approach offers you experience from different areas of HR; something individuals cannot provide.

    Outsourcing Human Resource Functions
    Outsourcing specific human resource functions is one of the main benefits of using an HR consultant. Our HR consulting firm, serving Orange Beach, provides a plethora of HR functions to businesses, from basic payroll, all the way to managing advanced measures such as benefits administration.

    Allowing HR PEO companies to deal with some Human Resource tasks may save you money and lift the performance of your own Human Resource department. Plus, as you outsource with an Orange Beach HR PEO firm, you’ll eradicate a lot of the forfeits related to mistakes in Human Resources.
    Employee Benefits
    Ensuring correct employee benefits coverage isn’t just challenging, it is also very time consuming. Some of these functions may also be offered to HR PEO companies to take the load off your staff. In doing so, businesses are going to ensure that all of their Human Resource responsibilities are carried out stress-free.

    Our HR consulting firm may contact benefit or insurance providers, assist in tapering your options down, and offer you an in-depth look at the different packages according to your budget and your needs. The HR PEO can handle the heavy lifting while your Human Resource department concentrates on your establishment’s operation.
    HR Tech Implementation
    Our Orange Beach, AL HR PEO firm can assist larger enterprises in the correct implementation of human resource tech. Establishing a proper technology department in the Human Resources domain that is separate to your organization can be a daunting task.

    Our HR PEO provides you the technology, assistance in setting it up, then can train your staff on how to use it. If necessary, we’ll also help maintain it.
    Human Capital Management
    Another benefit of using LandrumHR as your Orange Beach HR PEO firm is the correct functioning and implementation of human capital management. Our HR consultants may aid in implementing employee rewards plans or by improving an organization’s talent acquisition procedure and employee management.
    Employee Relations and Communications
    Ensuring the right functioning of business communications is another important aspect that our Orange Beach, AL HR PEO firm can help you with. We can even review the overall attitude of your staff. By studying staff happiness, satisfaction, behaviors, and more, we can aid you in discovering what your employees are happy with, what they dislike, and what they desire.

  • HR Consulting Services in Orange Beach

    The decision to use HR consulting varies from one company to another. There are various benefits to making use of a consulting company. Here are some of the advantages of using LandrumHR as your Orange Beach HR consulting firm.
    HR Operational Review and Audit
    Over the years, HR issues have become more complicated, partly because of ever-changing and new state and federal employment regulations. How will a company know if it’s remaining compliant within the Human Resources area? A Human Resources Audit & Operational Review informs you precisely where your organization is at risk and how you can fix it.

    Leadership Coaching and Development
    Even though, in some instances, individuals require coaching to address work-associated problems which have surfaced, it is most often the case that the person who requires leadership development coaching will have a good amount of potential, and simply requires assistance in getting there. Our team can provide your business with various services to help it perform better and more easily. 

    For more information about Orange Beach PEO and HR Consulting services, contact LandrumHR today.