• In hospitality organizations, HR administrative tasks take up an enormous amount of time and resources that should be dedicated to producing revenue.

    In a time of changing regulations, increased risks, and an uncertain workforce, outsourcing HR functions like payroll, benefits administration, employment law compliance, and tax reporting and credits like the work opportunity tax credits (WOTC) just makes sense.

    LandrumHR is an expert in helping hospitality clients achieve their goals through our professional employer organization (PEO) service.

    LandrumHR PEO services offer hospitality organizations HR support including:

    Hospitality Payroll & Tax Services

    • Online timekeeping & reporting
    • Integration with industry-leading POS platforms
    • Deductions for child support, levies, and garnishments
    • W2 preparation and distribution

    Instant Tips

    • Free and instant access to tips payments for employees
    • Funds are immediately available when processed
    • Safer, more secure and convenient for employers and employees alike
    • Provides a significant advantage to attract and retain workers in a competitive job market

    Benefits Plans to Attract and Retain Talent

    • Health, Dental, Vision
    • 401(k)
    • Long- and Short-Term Disability
    • Life Insurance
    • Pet Insurance
    • Adoption Assistance

    Work Opportunity Tax Credit

    • Meet your staffings needs and receive federal tax credits for each new employee hired from one of the federally designated groups
    • Get the free money you're missing out on, without the administrative headaches
    • Our service tracks, maintains and submites these tax credits for you, automatically and seamlessly

    Risk Management Specific to the Hospitality Industry

    • Onsite and virtual safety training resources
    • OSHA compliance resources
    • Claims management, care, and return to work support
    • First Aid training
    • Certificates of Insurance (COIs)

    Human Resources Expertise

    • Streamlined HR administrative processes
    • Unemployment claims and employee relations
    • Support for EEOC & other charges
    • On-Call HR experts for assistance with HR issues as they arise
    LandrumHR PEO services give you and your hospitality staff the support needed for a better bottom line and a happier, more productive workforce.

    The upcoming season may present challenges for the hospitality industry, but PEO services from LandrumHR will let you focus on growing your business.

    Contact our PEO team today to learn more about how PEO services can make the business of people easier!