• Embedded Workforce Management Solutions

    Landrum’s embedded Workforce Management solutions improve throughput and efficiency for organizations with a large volume of task-repetitive jobs.

    For over 50 years, we’ve helped companies solve complex challenges and improve performance and scalability. We perform a gap analysis to identify inefficiencies, then partner with you to support and reach your core business and production goals.

    Performance-Based Solutions

    Customized options include traditional on-site, performance-based staffing, and facilities management. Our tailor-made workforce strategies align safety, quality, and performance while driving down cost per unit.

    Embedded performance-based solutions deliver:
    • On-site management team dedicated to your business
    • Scalable labor strategies
    • Operational efficiency and budget certainty
    • KPls to create a continuous improvement roadmap
    • Increased attraction and retention through employee engagement
    • Heightened focus on building and maintaining a safety culture
    • Reduced labor cost per unit with boosted worker performance
    • Workplace culture that promotes teamwork and builds morale


    Proven Workforce Planning Results

    The result? Our clients see incredible changes at implementation and measurable, proven outcomes over the first year – and it only gets better as we build on successes over time.

    If you have issues related to high turnover, hiring, recruiting, safety, missed production deadlines, or managing multiple labor suppliers, Landrum’s embedded Workforce Management solutions can help improve retention, engagement, production, safety, and efficiency.

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