• Workforce Management
    For nearly 50 years, LandrumHR has been working with companies to solve their labor challenges. Our on-site and performance-based solutions deliver lower per unit costs, lower turnover, better safety records, and higher engagement. Stop missing production deadlines and start increasing profits.

    Reasons to Contact LandrumHR
    • Problems filling positions
    • Higher than normal turnover
    • Unacceptable quality or error rates
    • Extended training times
    • Missed production/shipping deadlines
    • Excessive incidents or accidents
    • Low employee engagement
    We Deliver
    • On-site management team dedicated to your business
    • KPls to create a continuous improvement roadmap
    • Employee engagement strategy to increase retention
    • Heightened focus on building & maintaining a Safety Culture
    • Reduction in labor cost per unit by increasing worker performance

    Proven Results

    90%25+ quarterly employee retention rates 20%25 or more reduction in accidents, incidents, and recordable injuries 10-12%25 hard dollar savings in labor cost per unit the first year

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