December 18, 2017

Executive Profile Series: Britt Landrum, III

As we close out another year of our CEO Profile Series, we wanted to end the year with a leader in our industry. We are proud that we were able to convince Britt Landrum, III, of LandrumHR to participate. Not that it took too much convincing; Britt is the kind of guy that is always willing to help out, and does so with a smile and a genuine eagerness.

The first time I met Britt, years ago in Miami, it was apparent that he took his role in his company very seriously. He was passionate not just about LandrumHR, but those that are part of making this industry great.

LandrumHR is a family business, started in 1970 (PEO, 1983) in Pensacola, Florida. It has grown to be an established PEO competitive force in the Southeast. LandrumHR is no mom and pop shop, but instead, an ESAC and IRS certified PEO with technology and human capital investments poised to take them to the next level.

Britt officially took the role as President in 2017 and is looking forward to building upon the success and reputation of LandrumHR.

Read the full interview with Britt here: