• PEO Services with LandrumHR

    There is a better way. Allow LandrumHR to bring Gulf Shores, AL PEO services into your business. If your business is a small-to-medium enterprise, you are most likely hard pressed to find the time to address human resources issues, let alone create an entire HR department. By partnering with us, we will make all the difference for you.
    Here's how to grow with the help of Gulf Shores PEO services:

    1. PEOs provide employees access to the best quality comprehensive benefit packages. Because LandrumHR works with so many different companies, we are able to offer your company top-of-the-line 401(k) plans, retirement benefits, health insurance, and much more. When you offer benefits that are comparable to any Fortune 500 company, you are also making your company a highly attractive place to work. 

    2. You know more than anyone how complicated it is in today's regulated work environment to run your company. With our Gulf Shores, AL PEO services, we do all the legwork for you. Aspects of your company that need to be in compliance in order for your company to operate are handled by our professionals. You do not have to worry any longer about occupational health, safety and compliance issues, as we take care of that for you. 

    3. Employee relations is often a difficult task to oversee. Why not let us take a look at how to improve your company's job descriptions, and update your company's outdated handbook? We oversee manners of employee relations, from complaints to understanding your employees value. No one is ever left out. 

    4. Our Gulf Shores, AL PEO services are much more cost effective than you think. Why employ an entire department when you can hand over those tasks that you need to be scrutinized by expert professionals? You are always in control of your company, and you share certain company operations with us, that's it. 

    PEO services are used by many diverse companies today. For help with businesses in real estate, computer services, health, legal, electrical, plumbing, not-for-profits, manufacturing, and much more, look no further than LandrumHR. 

  • Gulf Shores HR Consulting

    Every business, no matter the size or scope, can benefit from consulting services. Running a business is a never-ending array of questions that arise with each day. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone looking over your shoulder, offering the advice you need right now? With our Gulf Shores, AL HR consulting services, you can have just that.
    Human resources consulting services can be engaged on an hourly basis, an ad-hoc basis, or hired on a contract basis. It is all up to you. Whatever the arrangement, we will do one thing for your company - bring a new level of expertise to critical aspects of your business.
    Here are just a few of the tasks our Gulf Shores HR Consulting services can do for you:

    Putting into effect an impressive performance management system. By establishing such a system for your company, you will see how this is one of the best ways to support your business growth and to give your employees the motivation they are looking for. Your employees are your best asset. 

    Bring your company the best training solutions. Every company needs to implement more than safety meetings to meet regulations. Our Gulf Shore, AL HR consulting services bring to your business, training workshops that are a perfect fit for your employees. Just think of the time you will save when you are not responsible for implementing and carrying out all of these programs yourself. 

    Risk management can be seen through fresh eyes for your benefit. Why wait for disaster to strike when you can be proactive in identifying risk and having solutions that will definitely work? A safe work environment is a priority that should not be overlooked. We handle all aspects of that with compliance and safety audits and ergonomic evaluations.

    Avoiding the quagmire of employee dissatisfaction. We are there for you to take all of the risk and frustration out of these matters. We handle the investigations, the paperwork, and get to the bottom of matters in unbiased and professional ways. If you are having issues with discrimination, compensation, harassment, or perceived unfair treatment issues, let our team of professionals show you the way. 

    Shift your business into high gear by partnering with our Gulf Shores HR consulting services. Get the expert advice you need right now, and set your business on a new course. 

    For more information about Gulf Shores PEO and HR Consulting services, contact LandrumHR today.