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The Contract to Hire Experience

by Gabriella Saiz, on September 21, 2021
What is Contract-to-Hire?
Before I was a permanent employee with LandrumHR, I was a contract-to-hire employee through our staffing service. Companies use this tactic to ensure that the employee is a good fit for the company and that the company is a good fit for the candidate. When a candidate is selected for the contract-to-hire role, the employee will be on LandrumHR’s payroll for a 15-week period. After the 15 weeks are up, the company will then be given the option to hire if they decide the candidate is the right fit for them in both the cultural and professional sense. Once a good fit is determined, the employer will elect to bring the candidate onto their payroll or extend the assignment out longer through LandrumHR.

What are the Benefits for the Candidate?
Contract-to-hire isn’t only for the company’s benefit. It’s a great way for the candidates to see if the position is right for them. By being a contract-to-hire employee, you can see in the 15-week period if the position and the company is right for you. My experience with the contract-to-hire process was smooth and easy. I got a feel for my employer before officially accepting the position. When I was given the opportunity to become a permanent employee, I understood the culture and knew what was required of me, which made my decision of accepting the permanent position very easy to make.

The Process
You may be wondering how the application, hiring and onboarding process works. When a candidate submits an online job application for one of the jobs listed on the company’s job center, recruiters then select the candidates who are most closely matched to the job opportunity to reach out to schedule the interviews. The awesome staff at LandrumHR ensured I understood the entire process and made sure to answer all the questions I had.
The onboarding experience will vary depending on the employer that you’re matched with. On my first day of onboarding, the staffing team met with me and gave a Contract-to-Hire orientation to explain how it all worked. The presentation included background on the company, its core values and pillars, information on the leadership team, and timekeeping procedures. In the 15-week period, contract-to-hire employees are not eligible for certain benefits that permanent employees have. However, LandrumHR does offer some benefits to employees during that time.

Becoming a Permanent Employee
When the 15-week period is over, the employer will have options to either offer you a permanent position, extend their contract, or end the position. It seems scary to risk the chance of not getting the position at the end of the period, but if the candidate performs well the employer will not want to start over and train someone new. There’s even a chance the employer will want to take you on as a permanent employee before the trial is up, which happened to me.

Who We Are
LandrumHR Workforce Solutions helps clients to recruit and keep quality employees. We do it through temporary staffing, contract-to-hire staffing, professional hiring and recruiting, and customized recruitment packages. Regardless of the way our clients partner with us to recruit employees, the goal is always the same – matching our awesome candidates with our awesome companies. 
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