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Job Hunting Tips to Get You Hired

by Justin Williams, on June 17, 2020
Before you fill out your first application, there are steps you can take to set yourself up for job-hunting success.

Create a free professional email address
If you’re still using the hilarious email address you made up in high school, it’s time to create a new, professional email address for your job search. Few employers will consider hiring Many platforms offer free email accounts (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). Create a jobhunting email using your first and last name, so you are easy to find in an interviewer's inbox. If your full name is already taken, good alternatives can include using your first name, middle initial, and last name (, or last name followed by your first name ( Avoid using numbers, such as your year of birth or using underscores. If you must use a number, pick something neutral like your area code or ZIP code.

Record a professional voicemail message
When an interviewer calls, they should hear a straightforward, professional-sounding voicemail message that clearly states your full name, requests that the caller leave a message, and that you will get back to them: "You have reached (your name). I'm unavailable right now, but please leave a message, and I will return your call." Keep it simple.

Social media clean up time!
Checking social media is becoming a more common part of the interview process. Go through your pages and feeds carefully to remove (or hide) photos or posts that would leave a wrong impression with an interviewer, whether that is a tagged photo from a night out or a potentially offensive meme. Don’t show anything you wouldn’t be proud to talk about in an interview. Look at your accounts through the eyes of someone who wants to hire a responsible adult who will represent their organization in a professional and positive way.

Making a resume right for the job
After you've updated your job history, research the company, and then highlight the experience and skills that are most important to the position you are seeking. Check to make sure all contact information for references and former employers is still up-to-date. Get help looking for spelling errors, grammar issues, and other mistakes. Update your email to your new, professional email address. You can learn more about creating your best-ever resume here: How to Format a Resume.

Once you get the call, it’s time to start preparing for your interview! We’ve got tips for that, too: 3 Steps to Help You Nail Your Next Interview.

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Justin Williams

Justin Williams earned his bachelor’s degree from The University of Maine. He has over six years of Human Resources experience, two of which he spent with CVS Corporate as a Senior Coordinator helping to staff for over 400 locations. As an HR Specialist for LandrumHR, Justin assists talented applicants with finding great employment opportunities and is looking forward to helping you with your job search!

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