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New Year, New Career Skills

by , on January 04, 2022
Are you looking to narrow your focus on specific skills that are in demand for career opportunities going into the New Year and beyond?  Here are the four most valuable skills to further expand your skillset and land your dream job in 2022.

1. Information Technology & Computer Skills

The world of technology and edge computing, cloud computing, big data analytics and cybersecurity is always growing and seeking new talent to advance the industry.


2. Project Management & Leadership Skills

Being able to manage multiple projects from start to finish is crucial. With more businesses going remote, employers need to have confidence that their staff can project manage their time and schedules efficiently. Employers also highly value those who can mentor and train their coworkers. You can grow your leadership skills by expanding your responsibilities with project management.

3. Collaboration Skills & Integrity

Employers want their staff to be dependable while being able to work effectively as a team. It is important you can follow safety and operational procedures, retain confidential information, and uphold the standards of the company. Teamwork shows that you’re able to collaborate well with your colleagues to achieve collective goals.

4. Emotional Intelligence & Communication Skills

Emotional intelligence is also known as interpersonal or human skills. The pandemic has forced workplace environments to adapt to have the emotional intelligence and communication skills needed to handle inconveniences or deal with problems appropriately. Team members and coworkers are more likely to respond positively to kindness, empathy and respect. Interpersonal skills can be displayed throughout all effective methods of communication such as email, virtual meetings and face-to-face.
With this knowledge, it is important to now think back to the big picture of how you want to further your career. What job path will you take this year? What goals will you fulfill?
Wishing you a successful new year!
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