When to follow up after a job interview

Following up with employers after you apply for a job

by Valerie Cole, on October 13, 2020
How long should I wait to follow up on a job application?
When you apply for a job, the first question you may ask yourself after submitting your application or resume is, how do you stay on a potential employer's radar without becoming annoying?
“It is best to wait at least one week before reaching out to allow time for the hiring manager or recruiting coordinator to review and consider all applications,” said Justin Williams, LandrumHR HR Specialist. "Your consideration will show your overall interest to the employer and appreciation for their time while letting them familiarize themselves with you and your resume."
You want to be sensitive to an employer’s time, said LandrumHR HR Specialist Joshua Buenviaje. “If you connect with an employer after one to two weeks and they are unable to provide you with a status update, ask them for a time frame of when to follow up.”
Do not repeatedly call to get a status, Buenviaje added. "Some people think that calling every day will show that you want the job and have initiative, but it can create a bad first impression and send signals that you are either pushy, impatient or do not have respect for other people's time."
How should you reach out to the job recruiter?
You can send a job application follow-up email when it is time to check-in. Include your full name, the position you applied for, and on what date.
Be professional, yet brief, said Mallory Brock, LandrumHR HR Specialist.
“It is important to spotlight your specific skills that directly relate to the position,” she said. “Spotlighting your skills lets the hiring manager know that you would be a great fit for not only the position but the company as well."
Brock said this is an excellent time to list any certifications or achievements and awards you have received to help make you stand out and push your application to the next level.
“Concluding the email with a simple ‘Thank you for your time’ is a nice gesture that hiring managers appreciate,” Brock added.
Let them know you’re interested by adding, "I look forward to hearing from you."
How long should you wait after an interview for a job offer?
You got the interview! Now the waiting process begins again.
"The most appropriate time to ask any questions regarding a timeline for hiring decisions is during the initial interview appointment," said Valerie Cole, senior HR specialist at LandrumHR. "However, if you have received the hiring manager's contact information or business card, it may be appropriate to complete a follow-up email or thank you card.
“With this communication, you may use the opportunity to ask any final questions you may have as to when you can expect to hear more information about the position."
At the end of the interview, recruiters will likely give you a timeframe to expect to hear back or let you know there will be another round of interviews or other additional steps in the process.
While you’re waiting, keep applying to more jobs
Don’t feel you have to wait to hear from one job before you apply for another.
The old saying, don’t put all your eggs in one basket rings true, said Tina Collins, LandrumHR HR Specialist.
“Keep in mind that many applicants are applying and interviewing for the same position. You want to keep yourself actively engaged in the application process to better your chances of a new employment opportunity.”
LandrumHR is here to guide you through the job-hunting process and help you find a career you will love!
Valerie Cole

Valerie Cole, CSP is a Senior Human Resource Specialist who works with potential applicants to help them find rewarding employment in their field of expertise. With over 40 years in the staffing industry, Valerie believes utilizing a staffing service is beneficial to both applicants and companies. Valerie is a Certified Staffing Professional (CSP) through the American Staffing Association, and holds an Associate of Science degree from Pensacola Junior College (now Pensacola State College). In her spare time, Valerie enjoys volunteering at her church where she serves on several committees: Hospitality Christmas Caravan, Christopher’s Concert and Chalice Administrator. She also likes crafting and working in her flower garden.

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