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Eight Tips for Navigating Interviews During the Pandemic

by Mary Ledbetter, on December 21, 2021
Now that you’ve perfected your resume, applied to your dream job, and have landed an interview it’s your time to shine your personality, professionalism, skills, and career goals. It is an opportunity for you to not only present your best self to the potential employer, but to also ask the interviewer questions and determine if the job opportunity is a good fit for what you are seeking.
The pandemic has caused many companies to adjust their typical interview process to video interviewing to be safer. Other in-person jobs may still hold in-person interviews and you may be wondering how you can stay safe, while still being respectful and making a good impression. Here are eight tips for navigating interviews during the pandemic.
  1. Dress in professional attire. (in-person and video interviews)
Wearing a business professional outfit helps give a positive first impression to the interviewer and enhances your confidence and presentation.
  1. Arrive to your interview early. (in-person and video interviews)
It is always a good idea to arrive to your in-person interview early to avoid any unexpected traffic delays from interfering with your punctuality. Arriving early also gives you time to locate the office if it is in a hidden or unexpected location.

Similarly, it is a good idea to arrive to your video interview early so you may download the video conference platform (Zoom, RingCentral, etc.) ahead of time to test your video and audio and become familiar with the basic functions.
  1. Put your phone on silent. (in-person and video interviews)
In both in-person and video interviews, be sure to turn off your phone or put it on silent to minimize distractions during your interview.
  1. Wear a mask. (in-person interviews)
To appear considerate and in-touch with public health advice you should wear a mask.
  1. Know how you’ll respond to a handshake. (in-person interviews)
Right now, it is socially acceptable to skip a handshake. When you first meet your interviewer, you may say in a friendly tone, “I know we can’t shake hands right now, but it’s great to meet you.” Alternatively, if you forget or are not able to say this before the interviewer extends their hand you may respond with, “It’s great to meet you, but are you ok with an elbow bump?”
  1. Bring printed copies of your resume. (in-person interviews)
It is a good idea to bring at least the same number of copies of your resume as there are interviewers present during the in-person interview.
  1. Use a charged and updated computer or laptop with strong internet connection. (video interviews)
Using a computer or laptop is highly preferred, but if you do not have a computer or laptop, be sure to use a phone stand or prop it up so you are easily seen on the screen with little movement. You’ll want to be sure that your computer (or phone) is charged, updated and has a strong Wi-Fi connection where you will be interviewing. As an alternative, you can plug your computer directly into an Ethernet connection to be hard-wired into the internet.
  1. Have a professional background with good lighting and minimal background noises. (video interviews)
If possible, choose a blank wall to sit in front of or one with minimal decoration. Sitting by a window is best for natural bright lighting. Avoid a messy or cluttered room and a noisy, distracting environment. This may mean notifying any other household members to keep volumes minimal or moving your cat or dog to another room during the interview.

Follow these tips and tricks and you’ll be in good standings to land your next career amidst the pandemic!

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Mary Ledbetter

Mary has been a recruiter with LandrumHR since August 2021. Her passion has always been people. She loves changing lives by working with people to help them overcome barriers to employment. Her goal is to help job seekers achieve their dream of success with obtaining sustainable employment. What brought Mary to LandrumHR was the team spirit and the way she felt she could continue to do what she strongly believes in right here in the heart of beautiful Pensacola, Florida.

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