How to relieve stress in the post-pandemic workplace

How to relieve stress in the post-pandemic workplace

by Tina Collins, on April 20, 2021
The last year has offered workers plenty to be stressed out about.

Whether it was worrying about job security, moving to remote work, a change in responsibilities as businesses downsized their workforces, or having concerns about workplace safety; almost everyone felt work stress above and beyond the pressure of everyday deadlines.

Feeling out of control creates stress. Taking back some control will let you plan your work and take off some of the pressure.

Here are some ideas on how to relieve stress at work.
  • Start with something simple and organize your workspace – including your computer desktop if applicable.
  • If you are working from home but haven't fully committed to a designated daily workspace, now is the time. Have you run out of office supplies that make you feel efficient? Restock those Post-its, good pens, and highlighters!
  • If you aren’t already, start keeping daily lists and update them as you accomplish tasks throughout the day.
  • Keep separate calendars for work and home activities. Yes, you need to know what’s happening after work. No, you don’t need those plans to distract you throughout the day.
  • Set alarms for meetings and appointments, so you don't have to watch the clock.
  • Talk to your supervisor about expectations. You need to do your job and pull your weight, but if you are getting added responsibilities but no added time to address them, the quality of your work will suffer.
  • As COVID restrictions ease, occasionally work away from home, such as a workspace offered by your employer, a public space like a library, or even outdoors. A change of scenery will give you a new perspective on your daily tasks.
  • Those who are working at home may even find themselves thinking wistfully about their old commute. Commuting can be a time to get in the right mindset for the workday or decompress on the way home. Get back on your commuter schedule and take a walk before and after work to help transition between work/home life.
If you are struggling with stress and it is impacting your work, ask if your workplace has an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which offers workers free and confidential assessments, counseling, referrals, and follow-up services to help employees cope with personal and work-related problems. EAPs address mental and emotional well-being issues, such as substance abuse, stress, grief, family problems, and psychological disorders. LandrumHR offers its employees a limited number of free consultations with EAP each year.

Of course, many of us are facing bigger issues than running out of Post-its, but it's the little things and small but significant changes that make you feel secure and successful every day and relieve stress at work.
Tina Collins

Tina is a Human Resources Specialist for the LandrumHR Staffing division. She is a military spouse, and has a sincere passion for helping veterans and other military spouses find jobs!

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