• Another insurance hack for entrepreneurs and the self-employed: The PEO option.

    As the race toward the end of open enrollment for health insurance continues, we've been hearing from entrepreneurs who are trying to avoid high costs and get better coverage by setting up insurance via a Professional Employer Organization (PEO).

    A PEO typically also offers things like commuter benefits, 401(k), disability, Health Savings Accounts, life insurance and so on -- options you might have received with a major employer with a full human resources department. Basically you're hiring HR when you hire a PEO. Read More

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    "I like working with LandrumHR because it gives us the peace of mind that our human resources issues are being handled in a professional manner. Working with LandrumHR frees up our time to keep our eye on the ball, instead of having to keep our eye on government regulations and other issues. I've been with LandrumHR for a number of years, and I've done it without them for a number of years - and I much prefer to have LandrumHR on my team!"   

    -Scott Hamrick of Hamrick Air Conditioning & Heating

    "Celebrating our 25th anniversary, we are pleased to call LandrumHR a valued partner of Herbafex since the beginning. Working with Landrum gives us peace of mind to know all HR issues are handled promptly and correctly. This relationship frees up our time so we can focus on our clients and their expectations."

    -Kevan Miles of Herbafex Landscape Management

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