• LandrumHR, a Fort Walton Beach Human Resources Consulting Firm

    Our Fort Walton Beach Human Resources consulting services have gained a reputation as being one of the top companies in our industry. We consult with you, and put our expertise towards the advancement of your company, maximizing its efficiency and allowing your employees to do the tasks they were hired to do.

    We will work with you to target the strengths and weaknesses of your current HR department and come up with a comprehensive plan of how to improve it. We can find areas that could be expanded or downsized, find gaps in the services you provide, and make sure that your company is compliant with not only OSHA requirements, but also any laws that exist at the local, state, or federal level which could affect how you do business in the future.

    We will help you maintain a high level of professionalism within your company. We do this by creating detailed job descriptions, creating an employee policy that covers all areas, and even help you create an employee handbook that is legally compliant. We will show you how a Human Resources Department can be used to its full extent, which allows your company to keep on top of any issues that arise and reinforce to employees their well-being is being taken seriously.

    Furthermore, our experts are on-call, and can help you with any problem at any time. You will speak to a consultant that is knowledgeable with your situation, and knows what steps to take in order to solve any problem you are currently facing.

  • The Benefits of Hiring a Fort Walton Beach HR Consultant

    Most companies already have some type of Human Resources personnel in-house. This may be a whole department, or just one employee to take care of all the HR responsibilities. However, there are many smaller businesses that find it too cost prohibitive to have a department, or even a single employee dedicated to Human Resources. This puts them at a significant disadvantage, as studies have shown morale, competitiveness, and turnover rates are all damaged by the lack of a solid Human Resources department.

    Hiring a company like LandrumHR can completely change the attitude and morale of your company almost instantaneously. You will see the benefits of working with us, and wonder how you got along without a solid HR foundation. We will customize our services to fit your company, and ensure that we are providing you with the best solutions that fit your company’s goals.

    LandrumHR can provide you with a consultant that will be on-call whenever you need them, and this will happen as soon as you decide to work with us. No matter what issue you are having, our HR team will be there to answer the question you have. By hiring a Fort Walton Beach Human Resources consulting firm, you are bringing a high level of HR expertise to your company, which will save you time and money. You will be able to concentrate on the growth of your business, instead of worrying if you are compliant with laws that you might not even know.

    Employee problems will also be taken care of when you utilize a Fort Walton Beach consulting firm. LandrumHR has examined and tested numerous strategies that can minimize employee aggravation and maximize morale and team motivation. We will not just put a temporary stop gap solution on the problem, our solutions are long-term and will last.

    Employment concerns will also be a thing of the past when you work with LandrumHR. One problem that many companies face is a revolving-door of employees that come and go. Also, many companies have a difficult time letting go of employees who are not quite right for the job they are performing and are a detriment to your company. As a Fort Walton Beach HR consultant, we can put plans in place to not only hire the right employees for the job, but to also keep them there for the long haul. However, if the day should come that an employee requires dismissal, we can do that for you too, in a professional manner that will not embarrass or enrage your employee.

  • A Custom HR Solution for You

    At LandrumHR, we understand that no two businesses are the same, and therefore no two businesses should have the same Human Resources policies and practices. While every company has to be compliant with employment and business law, it is important that your HR department is customized to fit the needs of your business.

    We will streamline our processes, assess your company’s strengths and weaknesses, and make sure that you have a plan and department in place that fits your and your employee’s needs specifically. We can send in a team to see how your current HR department is being run, suggest ways to improve it, or completely handle the entire department for you. This may seem like you are giving over a piece of your business to us, but that is not true. We are a third-party HR firm hired to make sure your company and its employees are safe and taken care of, both physically and legally. Contact our Fort Walton Beach office today and see what we can do for you.

    You are sure to see the difference in your employees, your profits, and your reputation. Your clients will take notice, too, adding to your success. To learn more about LandrumHR and our Fort Walton Beach HR consulting services, please contact us at (800) 888-0472.

    We offer HR consulting services in most states from our offices in Pensacola, Panama City, Sarasota, Columbia, SC and Asheville, NC.