One of the many traits that sets LandrumHR apart from its competition is the fact that we are very hands on, and are dedicated to make sure you are only meeting candidates that meet all of your qualifications for the position you are looking to fill. We know that no two companies are the same, and we understand it means every company seeks differing skill sets from their employees. That is why we customize the hiring process for each of our customers, ensuring that you are finding the prospects you are looking for. We review the resumes, we source the leads, and we conduct the interviews, and then let you decide from there. By utilizing our Fort Walton Beach screening services, we can take care of all the minute details while still allowing you to make the ultimate decision.

  • Fort Walton Beach Employee Screening Services

    As a business ourselves, we understand that finding quality candidates is not as easy as it sounds, and you often have to wade through a lot of resumes just to find one that you can work with. LandrumHR has simplified the process, and developed a screening process that is unique to us. By using our database, you will have a much easier time finding the perfect potential employee to fit in with the goals and standards of your company.

    We recruit hundreds of applicants every year. Our evaluation process may include an interview with one of our HR representatives, a criminal background check, drug screening, a computer skills assessment if applicable, and the use of E-Verify. We can also offer additional pre-screening services at the client’s request.

    As part of our Fort Walton Beach employee background screening service, we will conduct pre-employment screens on candidates registered with us. We can also assist your company in creating and monitoring a substance abuse policy of your own.

    LandrumHR also features flexible staffing options, as we understand every company has different values they expect from their employees. If you are growing at a fast rate, and need temporary employees, we have an outstanding temporary staffing pool to choose from. We can also assist you on whether to make that temporary position into something more permanent if you decide to move that way in the future. This is all in addition to our direct hire services, where we can find the perfect person to fill your permanent position.

    We also have extensive experience in working with companies that span over a wide variety of different industries, and our potential employee base reflects that. We have worked with the healthcare, information technology, accounting, legal, engineering, manufacturing, and administrative industries and have found quality candidates for all. You may even need people from different walks of life to fill jobs for the same company. With LandrumHR, it is one-stop shopping to find quality employees to fill any role you are looking to fill.

  • Benefits of Hiring Through a Staffing and Recruiting Agency

    There are several benefits in working with a staffing company like LandrumHR. Our experience in hiring quality candidates, makes the process more cost effective than finding it on your own. We have a large pool from which to choose, and a high retention rate for candidates once they are hired.

    By utilizing LandrumHR, you are using a company that has decades of experience in the field of Human Resources. We know the kind of candidates you are looking for, and we have extensive knowledge on how the recruitment process works. We are up-to-date on technology and hiring trends, and can assist you in finding the right candidate through our Fort Walton Beach screening services. Our professional recruiters will do the work for you, so you will not have to do the tedious leg work yourself. Whether you are looking for multiple employees, or a single candidate, we can work with you to make sure you are getting exactly what you are looking for.

    How are we more cost effective than searching on your own? Not every company has a qualified and experienced human resources department, by working with LandrumHR, you will be able to spend your time on the continued growth of your business instead of searching through resumes and sitting through interviews. Things like background checks and drug screening are costly, and if you are using these services on candidates that cannot pass them or are not qualified for the position, you are throwing money out the window. Our Fort Walton Beach employee screening services take care of all of these costs for you. We do the leg work, we screen the candidates, and we give you someone that is not only extremely qualified, but also fits in with the goals of your company.

    It is extremely time consuming building a large potential candidate base like the one that we offer. You will have to sort through a number of applications and resumes, and try to figure out where they can best fit into your company. Then when it comes time to make a hire, you will have to sort through them all over again searching for that perfect candidate. Why not let us do all of that for you? Our client base is growing every year, and our streamlined process will sort out the candidates that are head and shoulders above the rest.

    By working with LandrumHR, you will only be giving final interviews with candidates that are completely qualified for the position you have available. You can trust that our Fort Walton Beach employee background screening process will find you the employee you are looking for, and you will be more than satisfied with the entire process. Let LandrumHR streamline the hiring process for you.

    LandrumHR can help you with screening candidates for a position, so you only interview the best candidates for your needs, or we can take on the entire hiring process. Whatever you need, know that you are in safe hands with a very experienced company, trusted to handle your hiring needs. If you are a business in need of employee background screening in Fort Walton Beach, or are looking for assistance for the hiring process, look no further than LandrumHR. You can contact us at (800) 888-0472.

    As a reminder, all of our services include:

    • State and country background checks
    • National scans
    • 2 panel, 5 panel, and 10 panel drug screens
    • Sex offender searches
    • MVR (Motor Vehicle Report)
    • Credit checks
    • Licensure verifications
    • Education verifications
    • Reference checks
    • Computer testing through Prove-it (Required to be paired with another screening) 

    We also offer Employment Screening services for companies in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties at our Pensacola office.