• What to Look for in a PEO Provider?

    Due to the abundance of PEO providers, you will want to know what to look for when choosing Foley, AL PEO services.

    Most small businesses do not have access to the latest technology in HR services and they can clearly benefit from such partnerships. The most important factors small business owners need to consider when choosing Foley HR Consulting and PEO services include: 

    Will the PEO be able to provide all the services you currently want and all those that you are likely to require in the future? As your business grows, you will inevitably require new services. Your PEO services firm should be able to help you grow without you having to look elsewhere to fill the gaps. Avoid providers who will not be able to give you the services you need for your business growth.
    The one-size-fits-all package may not be suitable for your business. If you require customized solutions, make sure that your Foley PEO services team offers this approach and they can keep pace with your growth. 

    Regulatory Knowledge
    The team that is administering services for you needs to have regulatory knowledge about all local, state, and federal labor laws, as they can impact your business. As the regulatory environment constantly changes, it is important that your business is in compliance with all laws.

    Accreditation and License
    The PEO provider needs to be accredited so that you are assured you are working with a secure provider. You also need to check that they are properly licensed. Seek to understand the rules in your state and ensure that the provider is compliant. 

    User Access
    The type of user access that the PEO provider offers is important. Will the employees have access to benefits administration and payroll, for example? Will payroll stubs and other HR information be easily assessable? 

    Always look for positive referrals, as this will enable you to know the kind of service they provide. The wide range of HR-related services that are offered by Foley HR Consulting and PEO providers like LandrumHR, includes payroll administration and processing, insurance plans, workers' compensation, training and development, and government compliance.

    PEO is a partnership that creates a co-employment relationship between the provider and small businesses. In this partnership, the small business owner is able to maintain control over employees. The cost of such a partnership will vary depending on the type of service you require. 

  • Foley HR Consulting with LandrumHR

    Most small and mid-sized firms are also looking for ways to outsource HR services in an "à la carte" fashion, as they do not have the expertise or time to handle the complexities of these services. Before you choose Foley, AL HR consulting, you need to determine whether it is the best route for your business.

    The many benefits of small businesses outsourcing their HR services include: 

    Improved Compliance
    The regulatory environment has become increasingly complex and most small businesses find it hard to navigate the many laws and comply with them. If the laws are not complied with properly it can have serious consequences for the business, including severe penalties. When you consider the potential costs of non-compliance, then the cost of outsourcing looks negligible. 

    Access to Skills and Knowledge
    The small business owner may not possess all the necessary skills and knowledge of a professional HR consultant. This can make the task of managing such activities seem daunting. When you outsource these services to a consultant, you will be able to receive access to skills and knowledge of professionals with many years of experience, which benefits your business. 

  • In Conclusion...

    Small businesses all over the world are outsourcing their HR services through a PEO or HR Consulting as it allows them save time and money. There are tremendous benefits of outsourcing such services, as it helps businesses to focus more on their core business activities. 

    For more information about Foley, AL PEO and HR Consulting services, contact LandrumHR today.