• PEO Services from LandrumHR

    A PEO – or professional employer organization – will make all the difference for your business. We are the company to turn to when you want to outsource key facets of your business, such as payroll, recruiting, benefits, and training and development.
    If you are wondering what types of benefits you can find by switching to a Daphne, AL PEO, here are just a few:

    • Reduce Risk. Did you know that a PEO can help their clients reduce the risk of going out of business by 50%? When you are running a business, that thought is never far away. By making your business life easier, we are freeing you up to concentrate on key goals that are crucial to the growth of your company. A win-win, any way you look at it. 
    • Reduce Employer Turnover. This is one area of your business that is costly. Just when you have trained employees, they turn around and leave. This disrupts everything from client services to daily workflows. We help you create the best method to hiring only the highest quality personnel, who will stay with you for the long haul. 
    • PEOs help to expand your company benefits. You are just like any company, looking to expand company benefits for your employees without increasing costs significantly. By partnering with LandrumHR for your Daphne, AL PEO services, you will more easily be able to offer employer-related retirement plans, healthcare options, and other benefits that you couldn't offer previously. 
    • Payroll Services. You know this is one area of your business that requires full-on attention. When we handle your payroll administration, there is no longer the risk of payroll or tax filing being interrupted. Leave all of your payroll services to us, including direct deposit, complete W2's, online time keeping and reporting. We will complete quarterly taxes and filings, as well as deductions for child support, wage garnishments, and levies. 
    By joining with our Daphne, AL PEO services team, you will bring consistency to your business that you never had before. 

  • Benefits of Working with a HR Consulting Company

    If your company has been growing fast and strong, that is good news for you. Make it even better by being part of our Daphne, AL HR consulting partners. Once your company has reached a certain point in size and yearly revenue and profits, this is the time to seriously consider human resource consulting.
    Every business is unique to itself, and your company is no different. Bringing us in as your consulting team will give you an advantage. Our consulting experts will assist you in getting your company organized as you take it to new levels of profitability and recognition.
    Just look at a few of the benefits you can procure from our Daphne, AL HR Consulting:

    • Outsourcing. It makes sense to outsource some of your biggest tasks that can no longer be handled in-house. HR consultants can help you make the bigger decisions, including whether to hire other outsource providers.
    • Cost efficiency. When you hire our Daphne, AL HR consulting firm, you are saving the expense of paying an employee to handle all those personnel functions that have become overwhelming. You can outsource to us any or all HR functions, including retirement packages, recruiting, payroll, and more. 
    • Litigation. Employee complaints are common occurrences and often take up more time than is necessary. Our HR consulting experts at LandrumHR can help you handle employee-related complaints for you. We are trained to investigate such things as formal and informal complaints against your company, harassment, compensation, discrimination issues, and perceived unfair treatment. 
    • Ongoing training for all employees. This is one area where government regulations require certain enrichment workshops be implemented to comply with all federal and state laws. We handle it all for you. We offer workshops in conflict management, supervisory boot camp, bullying and harassment, interviewing and hiring, and so much more. 
    The advantages of hiring our Daphne, AL HR consulting experts are tangible based on the levels of expertise our consultants bring to your business. 

    For more information about Daphne, AL PEO and HR Consulting services, contact LandrumHR today.