We are happy to provide our customers with the expertise we have acquired over the years. We are one of the top Columbia SC human resources consulting services in the industry, and by partnering with us, we can help bring your company to new heights. 
  • Human Resources Consulting Firm in Columbia, SC

    LandrumHR will work with you to analyze what is, and is not working, in your current Human Resources processes, and determine the areas that could be improved. We can figure out areas that may need to be expanded or downsized, find gaps in services, and perhaps most importantly, ensure that your company is complying with employment laws on the local, state, and federal levels.

    LandrumHR can help take your company to the next level by adding to the sense of professionalism of your business. We can help create a legally compliant employee handbook, strengthen employee policies, and overhaul job descriptions, to more accurately identify exactly what you will need from potential new employees. We will make sure that your HR function is being utilized to its fullest extent and is in compliance.

    No matter if your HR challenges are big or small, LandrumHR can help keep your company on track. We can provide you with an expert from our team that can answer any questions you may have, and will work to help ensure that you will not run into major problems in the future.

  • Reasons to Hire a Columbia SC HR Consultant

    Most companies already have an HR department, or even a designated employee that handles day-to-day Human Resources responsibilities. However, some companies do not have any such representation, thinking that it is not financially feasible to dedicate that kind of money and time to HR. Unfortunately, many of these companies figure out over time that competitiveness, employee turnover, and employee morale are all negatively impacted by the lack of human resources support within the company.

    If this situation sounds familiar to you, then take the steps to improve the situation today. You will not believe how easy and affordable it is to hire a Columbia SC HR consultant, and you will be amazed at how quickly these challenges disappear. When you partner with LandrumHR, you are committing to the overall improvement of not only your employees, but also the overall productivity of your entire business.

    With over forty years of experience, we can apply what we have learned to your business. We will customize our approach to the size and goals of your company, and suggest the absolute best solutions for immediate improvement.

    Our consulting division will provide you with an on-call assistant, who can help you handle any HR issues you may be facing. They can not only answer your questions, but also explain why it is the best approach to take. Utilizing our Columbia SC human resources consulting is the first step toward improving morale, and saving you a ton of time and money.

    We will not just provide you with quick, patch-work solutions. Our solutions are long-term remedies, designed to not only solve your problems, but prevent them from happening in the future. LandrumHR can also handle your employee problems. No matter how hard you try, nearly all companies have an employee who is disgruntled or upset with how they are being treated. Columbia SC consulting firms like ours will help put your staff at ease with confidentiality and professionalism. Finding a fast, long-term solution will allow your employees to be satisfied with the result, and allow them to return to working at their peak performance.

    Another problem that many companies face, is high employee turnover. Sometimes it is difficult to keep a new employee, and it is not always clear why a particular position cannot stay filled. LandrumHR will look over the job and its description, to find out if there are any problems that are driving potential employees away.

  • Customized HR Solutions for You

    We also understand that no two companies are alike, therefore no two Human Resources situations are the same. As one of the top Columbia SC HR consulting firms in the area, we know that it is very rare when an HR policy or practice will be the same for every company. Because of this, we will customize our consulting services to fit your needs. No matter the size of your business, or the industry that you are in, we will make sure we are providing you with services that are most effective for the continued growth of your company.

    An example of a project we can undertake is performing an overall assessment of your company, even if you already have an existing HR department. This will give us an idea of any improvements that can be made, and solutions that will solve any current problems you may be facing. Next, we can look into the strategic management of your Human Resources department. This allows us to streamline an HR department that can be incorporated into your company’s practices with, or without us.

    In the simplest of terms, our Columbia SC HR consulting team will be committed to improving every aspect of your company, and working alongside you to help you reach your goals. You will be surprised to see how an efficient Human Resources department can affect so many other aspects of your business. Keeping your employees happy will improve overall morale, which will increase productivity, which grows not only your company, but also your bottom line. You will not have to worry about building an HR department from the ground up, LandrumHR can do the job for you.

    Contact our Columbia SC HR consultants today at (803)750-7041. We can describe to you, step by step, exactly what we can do to improve your company, and how we can put our years of expertise to good use for you.

    We offer HR consulting services in most states from our offices in Pensacola, FL; Fort Walton Beach, FL; Sarasota, FL; Panama City, FL; and Asheville, NC.