April 30, 2020

How some of Pensacola-area's biggest employers have adjusted to COVID-19 challenges

"Landrum HR at GE has taken a number of measures to curb the spread of coronavirus in its facility, despite not yet having a confirmed case of the coronavirus," said Chris Fountain, director of the Workforce Solutions Division. Employees must go through temperature checks when they enter the building and a thermal camera has been installed to help detect fevers.

"It's really next level preventative measures to ensure that we keep the doors open and we keep 500 plus employees gainfully employed here in Pensacola," Fountain said, adding that if the facility closes up because of a case, it will affect companies down GE's supply chain. "Even down to the guys who have the food trucks that are supplying the lunches for our individuals."

Additionally, the company had to shift away from its normal touch time clock system for employees and allow those with pre-existing conditions to take time off work.

Mike Hallett, with GE, said it's important for companies to respond quickly to coronavirus concerns. Staff have been putting together risk assessments to identify employees who work too close together. 

"This coronavirus, it attacks quickly and multiples quicker than you can expect," Hallett said. "Don't hesitate quickly, so we enacted social distancing right from the get-go."