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  • Woman using a cell phone to do training at work

    Closing the Skill Gap

    The skill gap has become a hot button issue in human resources. With unemployment remaining historically low, one of the most pressing matters is how to find qualified candidates in an increasingly narrow market. Here are a few smart strategies managers are implementing to help quickly close the skill gap.

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  • Bored man at computer monitor

    3 Steps to Improve Employee Engagement

    By Becki Haines, PHR, SHRM-CP on April 08, 2019

    Building a more engaged workforce can yield powerful results for your company, from reduced turnover to improved safety on the front lines. While there’s no quick fix, every employer is capable of improving engagement and developing a team of more enthusiastic and involved employees.

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  • Man and woman sitting at a desk at work

    Conducting Terminations with Less Stress

    By Yvonne Nellums, PHR, SHRM-CP on March 12, 2019

    While each discharge situation is unique and can be complicated, it is important to prepare in advance so you are working from a place that is organized. Here are some tips to follow when faced with this task to help reduce stress and keep you focused.

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  • Woman working from home

    The New Workforce - HR Trends for 2019

    By Michelle Roberts, SPHR on February 11, 2019

    Flexible working conditions, enhanced training, and changes to benefits will be a few of the trends we see throughout 2019.

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  • Man holding sign that reads "Social Media"

    Developing a Social Media Policy

    By Kimberly Horton on January 08, 2019

    In this day and age most people have at least one social media account. In fact, in a report published by GlobalWebIndex, the average person now has 7.6 social media accounts, and 98% have at least one social network account. Statistics shows that Americans spend at least 2 hours per day using their social media accounts. Who would like to wager a portion of that time is spent monitoring social media accounts during the work day? And, as an employer, what can you do about the content that your employees post online? The answer to those questions may seem disheartening to some.

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