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4 Things to Remove From Your Resume Immediately

by Morgan Milbradt, on November 27, 2017
While you probably hear all the things you SHOULD include in your resume, here are some things you should SKIP:

1. Photographs
While you may think a photo of yourself will spruce up your resume, or maybe fill in some empty space, we’re going to give you the sound advice to skip it. It’s not that we don’t think you’re pretty or handsome – we just want you to remain protected!

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is a federal law that prohibits employers from discriminating against employees on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, and religion. While most employers know to abide by this law, some may not. When you add things like a photograph would give away one of these characteristics, you risk the chance of possibly being skipped over based on a biased employers views. In other words, the best practice is to leave your photo off of your resume – UNLESS you’re applying to become a model.

2. Graphics
Now graphics are tricky – sometimes they can really add to a resume, and sometimes they just make a resume look “busy.” If you are highlighting some of your key accomplishments in numbers, a graph is always an attractive way to showcase that. If you’re applying for a graphic design or marketing position, some (keyword SOME) graphics are usually accepted and appreciated! If you’re not in any of these fields, and are not using the graphics to showcase some form of numbers, we suggest you remove it!

3. Previous Supervisors’ Contact Information
Please take note: References should only be given upon the request of the hiring manager. I mean, you probably wouldn’t like it if your email address and phone number were out floating around on a resume, and neither does your previous employer. Prepare your supervisors’ contact information on a separate piece of paper, and be prepared to give it to the hiring manager when asked to do so.

4. Hobbies or Other Irrelevant Information
If it doesn’t have to do with the position you’re applying for – don’t put it on your resume. It’s okay to make small talk about your hobbies or what you’re interested outside of work if you’re asked during your interview, however your employer doesn’t really see how you loving to bowl on the weekends really applies to your accounting skills.

What are some things you can’t stand seeing in resumes? Or maybe some things you’re unsure about if you should include or not? Message us in the comments below! *Remember to check out all of our open job positions here.
Morgan Milbradt

Morgan Milbradt grew up on a farm in the cornfields of Minnesota, and has called Pensacola, Fla., her home since 2013. She graduated from Minnesota State University - Mankato in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in mass media along with minors in communication studies and marketing. She currently serves as the Sales and Social Media Specialist at LandrumHR. Morgan prides herself on her creative marketing brain, eye for design and organizational skills. Her professional interests include employee development, leadership, millennials in the workplace and workplace innovation. She was most recently named one of InWeekly's 2017 Rising Stars. When she’s not at work, you can find Morgan at the beach or lounging on the couch watching movies with her three favorite beings: Her boyfriend, Noah, and her two rescue cats, Luna and Grace.

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