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Why Your Company's Standard Job Descriptions Aren’t Cutting It

by Kristy Dolihite, on February 19, 2018
Today’s Top Talent is Employed
The unemployment rate is low (around 3.7% in the Pensacola area)! Most people are comfortable in their current jobs, and could be considered "passive" job seekers at best.

If most top talent is not even considering making a move, what can employers do to entice them to seek out other opportunities? If you want to lure top talent back into the job market and away from their current employers, you will need to provide more than the typical job description.

In today’s competitive workforce, wages are up, work/life balance is included in most positions, benefit packages are similar, etc.  So the best place to start is by asking, "What would make this person want to leave their happy and comfortable job?"

Until now, job descriptions would simply list the job duties, responsibilities, hours, and compensation.  In other words, they would include nothing to excite already employed talent.

It's Time to Put on Your Creative Thinking Cap
The goal is to have employed candidates imagine the possibilities that you have to offer. Let’s make them day dream of your job and imagine themselves at your company:

Talk About Your Company Culture:
Employed candidates want to understand your company’s culture.  Make sure that you include your company’s mission statement, vision, and/or core values. This not only is a benefit to the potential candidate, but it's a potential for you too!

If a candidate sees your culture/mission/vision and can't picture themselves as being a part of that, chances are they'll skip filling out the application.  How is this a win for you? Your company can dodge a hiring bullet before they even apply!

Think About What the Ideal Candidate Looks Like:
And no, we're not talking about what they physically look like (because that's SUPER illegal).

Here's what we are talking about: Instead of listing job duties, try listing personality traits that would speak to those who would make a perfect candidate for your position (i.e. organized, positive attitude, innovative, motivated, etc.). There are LOTS of descriptive words you can choose, so try to choose ones that you really need for this job opening.

Use Relatable and Realistic Job Duties:
Instead of listing job responsibilities, change the wording and create an image that the job seeker can relate to (i.e. you enjoy multi-tasking, coordinating schedules, selecting economical vendors, etc.). Be sure that the job title and description accurately portrays the position available. It's not good to inaccurately describe the job's duties . Doing this leads to a disappointed candidate, and then you're both back to square one.

Highlight the Perks and Benefits:

Chances are, if they already have a job, you need to be highlighting the things about YOUR job that would make them want to leave. This oftentimes boils down to benefits and wellness perks companies offer. These could include having a flexible work schedule, opportunities for growth, training opportunities, health insurance, snacks, etc. Don't offer any benefits or perks? With today's competitive job market, maybe it's time to consider a few!

From Imagining Working for You, to Actually Working for You Y

ou want people to be excited about the thought of working for your company, right? Well, job descriptions are an excellent way to do just that! With a few tiny changes and with creative wording, you can lure the candidates you want and need for your organization.

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Kristy Dolihite

Kristy is the Branch Manager of Workforce Solutions at LandrumHR. She has over 23 years of staffing industry experience that includes recruiting, sales, and operations. She has been with LandrumHR for over 20 years and has a passion for helping others. She lives with her husband and two children and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Her hobbies include swimming, cooking, visiting new places, and watching Auburn University sports.

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