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Using a Staffing Service to Find a Job: 3 Common Misconceptions

by Caitlin White, MSHRM, on February 28, 2018
As you probably know, utilizing multiple job search tactics significantly increases your chances of finding employment. The purpose of a staffing service is to be an awesome resource in addition to traditional job search efforts.

Since working with a staffing service can be a new experience for many, we wanted to bust a few myths to set up correct expectations for working with one!  Here are three common misconceptions job seekers have about using a staffing service:

#1 Misconception: Staffing companies only hire employees for temporary jobs.

Reality: Most staffing agencies hire for a variety of jobs – not just temporary positions.

In addition to temporary jobs, we also offer “Contract-to-Direct” assignments, meaning that you have the opportunity to be hired by your worksite employer after going through a trial period (normally 15 weeks). If your worksite employer feels like you are a good fit for the organization, they can opt to hire you directly!

Still discouraged by temporary or “contract” assignments? While it isn’t a guarantee, many of our clients find the candidates we place with them ARE a good fit and want to keep them longer. One employee gives other job seekers some words of encouragement if they’re nervous about temporary or contract employment opportunities:  

“Although temporary... I worked temporary for a company for supposedly 6 months... With the plan to TRAIN my replacement. Well I did such a good job for them... They kept me on as "Temporary" for another year until they hired me as a "Permanent" employee. I celebrated my 2nd year as an Employee of the Company this past Feb 8th, 2018. Do your absolute best each day and treat it as an opportunity and you would be amazed at how far you will go!”

We also offer “Direct Placement” assignments, which is when we assist employers with recruiting and screening for candidates to be directly placed in their organization (no trial period needed). Direct Placement is generally used when employers need help finding candidates for leadership or high-level positions.

#2 Misconception: You must have the exact experience/requirements listed on the job description in order to be hired.

Reality: Some hiring managers care mainly about experience, but others are more concerned with finding an employee who is a great cultural fit. Some examples of requirements on a job description that would be considered less flexible would be certain certifications (think RN or other healthcare qualifications), or if a company is looking for an experienced leader (they may want a background that shows proven leadership skills).  

Don’t let what you think is a lack of experience discourage you from applying to a job. If the position sounds like something you would be good at, and you meet 75% of the requirements, go for it! As we said before, the hiring manager may care more about the cultural fit, and be willing to train you on the other 25% of the experience that you are missing.

#3 Misconception: A staffing service is required to find me a job.

Reality: A staffing agency is not always the same as a “head-hunting” service.  We keep a database of candidates with a broad range of experience and skill levels in order to fill a variety of jobs.   

Our goal is to make a perfect match for both the client and the candidate. However, we cannot guarantee employment.  We do not schedule an appointment until we feel confident we can use the applicant’s skillset, so we are not wasting their time or giving any false hope.   In short, we try our best to help you, but nothing is guaranteed.  

Do you have other questions or concerns about working with a staffing service or about working with LandrumHR?  Visit our Frequently Asked Questions section of our Jobs page, or comment your questions below!

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Caitlin White, MSHRM

Caitlin White, MSHRM is an HR Specialist who works to connect local employers to the best local talent. She also works with currently staffed employees to ensure they are satisfied in their roles. Caitlin believes utilizing LandrumHR’s staffing services makes both hiring and finding a job in the local area easier, and she enjoys playing an intricate role in finding the perfect match for both parties. Caitlin holds a Master’s in Human Resource Management from Troy University. In her spare time, she enjoys attending and being actively involved in Olive Baptist Church, reading a good book, and visiting her family as often as she can.

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