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Rethinking Hiring Strategies During & After COVID-19

by James Howe, on May 27, 2020
The COVID-19 economic recovery poses unique hiring challenges to businesses: How do you retain a right-sized workforce in an unpredictable economic landscape? How can you fulfill short-term needs for specialized skills without committing to long-term employment during this uncertain time?

Temporary staffing is a flexible, cost-effective way for businesses to meet their immediate staffing needs. Using a staffing agency provides flexibility, faster scalability, and accessibility to resources and talent you need.

Here are a few reasons to consider utilizing a staffing agency during COVID-19 and the subsequent economic recovery phase.

Maintain staffing flexibility
A temporary workforce is flexible, making it easier to scale your workforce up or down as needed. This makes it easier to navigate changing economic, political, and environmental demands.

Skills when you need them
During recovery and beyond, you may have needs for specific skillsets to tackle projects - skills that you otherwise wouldn't need in day-to-day business. Having skilled staff on hand to manage these specialized tasks gives you the freedom to focus on what's essential to getting your business back up to full capacity. You may even find that these new skills improve efficiency and your bottom line and decide to incorporate the changes long-term.

Save time and money
Hiring and employing temporary staff is far more cost-effective than hiring permanent employees who come with additional costs. In this changing environment, you don't have weeks to sort through applications and conduct interviews. The staffing agency can offload those tedious tasks from you.  All temporary staff is fully vetted before joining your team. 

Try before you hire
Temporary employees offer you a chance to evaluate workers on the job over an extended period.  This gives you the opportunity to test their skills and evaluate their overall culture fit with your existing workforce. Temporary workers often become valuable team members, and you may decide to bring them on full-time. Hiring through a staffing agency can also be an excellent way to continue getting work done while allowing you time to find the perfect candidate for a position.

If you need to augment your workforce during COVID-19 recovery or beyond, LandrumHR Workforce Solutions has the largest pool of candidates in the area. We’ll help you get the right candidates and build a team that will get you up and running and on the way to post-pandemic success.

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James Howe

Jim Howe is the VP of Workforce Solutions for LandrumHR. He has more than 20 years of leadership experience in the Staffing Industry, having worked for a couple large national organizations. Jim’s expertise has been in building teams, growing revenue and profitability, while working in tandem with his clients to implement workforce management solutions focused on attracting, engaging and retaining the right workforce.

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