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Reaching Passive Candidates – Executive Search in Today’s Low Unemployment Market

by , on November 15, 2019
We spoke with Wendi Fairchild, Sr. Executive Recruiter, to learn about what Executive Search entails and why passive candidates are an important resource in the current employment market.

What is LandrumHR’s Executive Search service?
Our Executive Search team partners with businesses to secure top talent for executive level positions. We work closely with each client to obtain a solid understanding of the role to be filled as well as the company culture.  Our strategic approach to the search process includes reaching out to both active and passive candidates in an effort to find the “best fit” for our client’s position. 
What is a “passive candidate?”
A passive candidate is someone open to hearing about a new career opportunity but not necessarily actively looking for a position. This candidate is typically content with their current employer and making valuable contributions in the workplace. 
What value does a service like this bring to a company?
We are recruiters.  It’s what we do all day every day.  It’s not part of our job:  it is our job.  In today’s job market, unemployment is historically low which makes it incredibly difficult for companies to find quality candidates for their open positions using traditional methods.  After 50 years in the recruiting industry, we have a vast network and access to extensive resources allowing us to present the most qualified candidates to our clients.  Every candidate is thoroughly screened and vetted before submission.  Our clients can focus on candidates who meet their requirements instead of culling through numerous resumes and/or job postings.
What can a business expect when they use Executive Search?
At LandrumHR, we collaborate with our client and their team to identify the company’s needs.  We explore the organization, its culture, and the specifics of what is necessary to find the ideal candidate.  We want a complete 360 degree understanding of each company’s unique situation. Our team spends the time to truly understand the needs of each client to ensure only the best talent is presented.  There are lots of great candidates, but it doesn’t make them the right fit for every organization.  We pride ourselves on knowing the difference.
Are you in need of top talent to join your thriving business? Our Executive Search team would love to discuss your opportunity, contact us today!