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National Insurance Awareness Day

by Susan Hunsucker, on June 28, 2017
June 28th is  Insurance Awareness Day! Who knew?! 

It’s not clear how Insurance Awareness Day originated.  Insurance agents maybe?  Having done some research on it, it seems like a pretty good idea.  Not many people enjoy taking time to review or talk about insurance.  Our agent joked that it’s a toss up between going to the dentist or meeting with your insurance agent.  No one wants to do either, but they are both important and if attended to regularly can prevent bad news later. 

Insurance Awareness Day reminds you that taking the time to talk to an insurance agent to review or get a policy on your life, car or home, can protect you and your family during difficult times. 

Insurance offers us security by covering loved ones and recovering losses in the event of damage, illness or death.  No one ever expects something bad to happen, but if it can and when it does, it can be devastating, not only due to loss of life, but financially due to loss of property or income.

Those of us living in Florida are constantly reminded of how quickly our circumstances can change.  We have experienced hurricane damage, oil spills, “the 100 year flood”, and wild fires.  Don’t leave your security to chance.  During recent flooding, a young couple just starting out, rented a home in a non-flood zone.  They were prudent and purchased renters insurance.  They moved in all their newly acquired home furnishings, wedding gifts, picture albums, and new furniture.  They never expected to have four feet of water inside their home overnight.  It was the 100 year storm with some of the heaviest rains the area had seen!  Nearly everything they owned, including two cars, parked “safely” in the garage were under water.  They lost almost everything. Unfortunately, they didn’t include flood insurance in their renters insurance, because they weren’t in a flood zone.  Too bad Mother Nature didn’t know that.  Now that they are homeowners, they purchased flood insurance.  And because they aren’t in a flood zone (hopefully), the cost is minimal.

LandrumHR  just wrapped up open enrollment for the employee benefit insurance plans last month.  Every April, we provide clients and employees the opportunity to review health, dental, vision, life and disability plans. Although it can be confusing with a lot of information, we are there to assist with the review and upon request, provide enrollment meetings or have our agents do a market comparison. 

June 28th is the day to stop, and do what no one wants to, review your insurance coverage.  There are many types of insurance, life, disability, home and car insurances to name a few.  Reviewing your coverages takes a few minutes and requires you to look at and evaluate what you have.  If you bought homeowners insurance years ago, and haven’t reviewed it since, you may be under insured.  Your home may have appreciated in value, or you may have remodeled or made additions. All reasons to increase the amount of coverage.

Talk with your agent and see if you need to increase your coverage.  If you rent, there is insurance for that too.  It’s not one size fits-all.  You can customize it to your needs and budget.  Hurricane season is here, so don’t put it off.  The same goes for life insurance, especially if you are the bread-winner for your family.  You will want to do what you can to make sure your loved ones don’t have to struggle financially if you aren’t there to provide for them.

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Susan Hunsucker

Susan is the Benefits Director at LandrumHR.

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