Learning and Performance Management: Systems for Success

Learning and Performance Management: Systems for Success

by Andrew Sowell, on May 16, 2022
The “Great Resignation” has made it clear that leaders need to develop and retain their talent for their businesses to maintain agility in the face of challenges. Growing workforces from within through professional development programs are key for resilience and long-term success.

A learning management system (LMS) should be a strong consideration for businesses concerned with reducing compliance risk, improving productivity and increasing employee engagement. An LMS offers employee training modules and courses that can be assigned or completed on a volunteer basis.

Among the many features and benefits of an LMS are:
  • Automated Learning – Set up and schedule training for employees. Automatic reminders for employee training and manager approvals.
  • Onboarding – A more organized and effective process for document sharing and signing. Convenient deployment of new-hire training.
  • Engagement & Retention – Facilitates employee growth on current track. Also aids in transitions to different roles. Employees can earn badges and create training playlists.
Managers can select and assign a variety of programs to employees and track their completion status. As employees complete their training, they will gain further knowledge on specific topics such as safety, diversity, compliance and more.

Another essential tool for forward-thinking businesses is a performance management system (PMS).
A PMS helps employers optimize their workforce with an organized approach to employee feedback, performance evaluation and development programs for improvement.

Highlighted features of a PMS include:
  • Consistent Feedback – Reviews and assessments can be scheduled on any cadence, and employees can track notes and achievements throughout the year. 
  • Wide View of Performance – Managers can request feedback from others on their employees’ performance. Employees can evaluate themselves and provide feedback on colleagues. 
  • Formalized Goals – Create goals for employees that focus on frequent feedback and coaching by managers. Automated reminders ensure the timely completion of reviews.
  • Template Library – Comprehensive library of job competencies, employee objectives, core values, and coaching comments for supervisors to draw from.
With a modern PMS, businesses get the data they need to evaluate employee performance and provide a track for continuous improvement.

We offer leading-edge LMS and PMS programs. LandrumHR Learn features a growing library of more than 550 courses with topics ranging from data security and health and wellness to workplace safety and diversity and inclusion. Likewise, our LandrumHR Perform service provides clients with a convenient and streamlined way to track manager and employee reviews, set team and employee goals and request employee feedback.

Current LandrumHR clients may reach out to their HR Business Partner with questions about either platform. Prospective clients can contact us to learn more about these and other services.

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