Make Fitness at Work a Reality With These 10 Easy “Deskercises”

Make Fitness at Work a Reality With These 10 Easy “Deskercises”

by Erin Giblon, on March 23, 2017
If you struggle to keep up with work, family, hobbies, professional commitments, etc. – where does exercise fit in?  It’s already the end of March!

If you’re freaking out because you’ve fallen off of your New Year’s fitness resolution, it’s not too late to start incorporating some small exercises that you can do right at the office!

It’s all about keeping a healthy balance, so here are a 10 exercises that can be practiced at any time during your 9-5 grind.

  1. Take the Stairs
    Choosing to take the stairs vs. the elevator at work is one of the easiest health fixes you can make right at the office (unless of course your office doesn’t have stairs). It might not make a huge difference in your overall workout plan, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to kick the elevator to the curb. Plus, it promotes saving electricity!
  2. Sqeeze Your Buns 
    While sitting squeeze your buns, tighten, hold for 20 seconds, and release, for 20 reps. The great part? No one will even notice you’re doing them!

  3. Dip in Your Chair
    Place your hands flat on armrests (if you have them) and use your arms to raise yourself up and down (this one is kind of tough, we tried it!)
  4. Take a Walking Break
    Everyone needs a break sometimes. Try using the restroom on other side of the building to increase your steps during day. Or stand and slowly walk around your office/cubicle while you read magazines, books, or articles pertinent to your job. Want to boost your heart rate? Try jogging in place for a minute!
  5. Raise Your Legs
    This exercise is great if you have a little extra space under your desk. While sitting, alternate your legs up and down– you can even use the straps of your purse or laptop bag for more resistance. Or, lift your legs up to tap the top edge of your trash alternating feet. Doing leg raises and lifting your legs also works to promote healthy blood flow and circulation.
  6. Scissor Your Legs
    This one is pretty self-explanatory: Move your legs like they are scissors. While sitting, alternate legs one on top of the other and rotate.
  7. Squeeze Your Inner Thighs
    While seated, squeeze the knees together and press legs inward, engaging the inner thighs. Continue squeezing knees together, hold for 10 secs, and then release.  Add a small pillow or squeezable object if it’s more comfortable.
  8. Arm Curls
    Have a water bottle nearby? Fill it to the top and perform 10-15 arm curls on both the left and right side. Increase size of water bottle as you get stronger!

  9. Punch the Air
    Sounds silly, right? Get your Rocky on at work and see the results! Extend your arms straight out like you are punching the air, rotating which arm you use.  Try doing 30 per rep. People staring at you? Tell them you’re taking a “brain break” and burning cals while you do it!

  10. Make It a Team Effort
    When trying to incorporate a healthy lifestyle, having a team to support you can be a huge help. Try scheduling small group activities with your co-workers such as a walking group during lunch or a daily calendar reminder to stand up and do some of the exercises above together. You could also have some friendly competition by incorporating a #FitnessFriday challenge – longest plank, longest wall sit, etc. and share it on social media!

Remember to drink lots of water during the day.  Do you have any exercises you like to incorporate at the office? Tell us about them below!

Erin Giblon

Erin Giblon is a Risk Consultant for our Risk Management and Safety department at LandrumHR. Erin is also an officer in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserves stationed currently in Mobile, Al. Her favorite things to do are to run, lift weights, gardening, and camping. She is happily married with three beautiful children.

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