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Promoting Your CPEO Status

by Britt Landrum III, on July 11, 2016
Everyone in the PEO business is well aware that the end of 2014 marked a major transition point for our industry. Following the passage of the Small Business Efficiency Act (SBEA), NAPEO sent Board of Directors members an official copy of the bill. I chose to display the framed copy outside of my office in our headquarters for two reasons.

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Britt Landrum III

Britt Landrum, III serves as the President of LandrumHR. He began working for the company after graduating from college in 1992 and has taken on increasingly more technical and managerial responsibility over the last twenty-two years, most recently serving as LandrumHR’s executive vice-president. Britt is certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources and a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. He has broad experience with the company including sales, technology, operations and management.

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