2023 HR Trends and Perspectives

2023 HR Trends and Perspectives

by Justine Carroll, on January 26, 2023
To maximize business potential, it’s critical to be up to date with the changing landscape of HR and employment trends. Roughly one-third of our lives will be spent in a work environment, either as the employer or employee. And with the ever-evolving challenges of the labor market, it’s essential to be prepared to make changes and develop your business accordingly.
As we look at the year ahead, the top trends are building effective workplaces, optimizing productivity and engagement, and designing an environment that will maximize the talent businesses already have.

Building Effective Workplaces

Building effective work environments has been a focus since COVID-19 initiated a remote work tidal wave. Although the idea of hybrid work has become more normalized, the reality is that the application of the best way to design and manage hybrid work is still in its formative phase. This trial-and-error mode has created a myriad of questions and obstacles for many employers. Managing communication, collaboration, time management, and state requirements for time tracking, meals and rest breaks can be a genuine challenge for any business. The most successful ones focus on creating consistency, guidelines and evaluating what their culture and organization needs most to stay successful and continue to grow.

Optimizing Productivity & Engagement

The other two components of 2023 employer trends are partnered together. Optimizing productivity and engagement helps design an environment that will maximize the talent and human capital already in your business. The phenomena of “the Great Resignation” and “quiet quitting” should inspire businesses to create new ways to nurture more invested employees. Invested employees stay with their organizations longer, they know their company’s vision and strategy are aligned with their personal career goals, and they see a steady path of growth and opportunity for themselves alongside the organization. To nurture employees, organizations should invest in their front-line managers to provide the right tools and resources. Experienced and empowered management is the number one defining component to keeping skilled talent in the organization instead of walking out the door.

The rise of the multi-generational workforce has challenged employers to be more agile and thoughtful in the way they recruit, manage and retain their top talent. Employers should continuously evaluate what makes individuals want to come to work, including:
  • What do they like about being a part of the organization?
  • What tools or resources will help them better understand their jobs?
  • Do they know how their efforts support the department and organization as a whole?
  • What can we do to improve the balance between organizational and individual needs?

In Conclusion

The relationship between employer and employee is complicated and based on numerous variables. The balance is always advancing and changing, but organizations that can recognize and evolve with those shifts will continue to be productive and successful. If 2022 was about recruitment, then expect that 2023 will be the year that employers do more to retain and invest in their top talent. 

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Justine Carroll

Justine is a Managing Consultant at LandrumHR. She holds a Senior Professional in Human Resources certification and a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Colorado Boulder. With 23 years of HR experience, Justine has served as an internal HR Director, ran her own consulting business, and worked in PEO for 10 years.

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