• Selecting the best PEO for your small and mid-sized business (SMB) can be daunting, considering the myriad options and services there are. This guide simplifies the challenge by evaluating top PEO providers, tailored specifically for SMBs in 2024.

    Finding the ideal PEO involves assessing services, compliance, and cost-effectiveness. The best PEOs offer comprehensive HR solutions, ensure regulatory compliance, and manage employee benefits efficiently.

    With over 700 PEO firms to choose from, picking the right firm may appear to be VERY time consuming and virtually impossible. Our guide below provides insightful comparisons and detailed reviews that will equip you with the knowledge to make an informed decision for your SMB.

    What Constitutes a Small and Mid-sized Business?

    What makes a small business "small?" According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), small business classification hinges on firm revenue, spanning $1 million to more than $40 million, and employment numbers, extending upwards of 1,500 personnel.

    This categorization transcends the simplicity of their work environment or team size. SBA’s parameters hinge on revenue and number of employees and differ across industries. For those who own an SMB, understanding this classification is important to their success.

    Regardless of whether one operates a neighborhood bakery or an innovative tech startup, understanding these benchmarks is crucial. It forms the basis for accessing appropriate support and services designed specifically for small businesses within your industry sector.

    1.Landrum HR: The Number One PEO Choice for SMBs

    LandrumHR stands out as the top Professional Employer Organization (PEO) choice for SMBs due to our comprehensive approach to shared employer relationships.

    The team at LandrumHR partners closely with businesses, assigning experienced HR managers who build strong relationships with both the employer and employees. This unique approach ensures that businesses can focus on their core revenue-generating activities, with the confidence that their HR needs are expertly managed.

    By handling day-to-day HR tasks, LandrumHR empowers small and mid-sized businesses to leverage the full potential of their workforce, fostering an environment geared towards success.

    One of the key service offerings that sets Landrum HR apart is its robust payroll administration and tax processing capabilities.
    Landrum HR’s experienced team takes on the burdensome tasks of online timekeeping, direct deposit, handling deductions, and managing quarterly taxes and filings, including W2s. This not only streamlines the payroll process but also ensures compliance and accuracy, freeing up valuable time for small and mid-sized business owners.
    Landrum HR’s system also allows for the secure and rapid dissemination of tips directly to employee accounts, further demonstrating their commitment to efficiency and employee satisfaction.

    In addition to their services, Landrum HR is distinguished by a series of prestigious awards that validate their commitment to excellence:
    • The Florida Governor’s Sterling Award for organizational excellence, marking them as a leader in business practices and community engagement.
    • Recognition by Florida Trend Magazine as one of the Top 350 Businesses, acknowledging their significant impact and presence in the state.
    • The ClearlyRated 2023 Best of HR Services Award, reflecting their exceptional service quality as rated directly by their clients.
    • Multiple recognitions as one of the Society for Human Resource Management's (SHRM) Best Small and Medium Companies to Work for in America, which showcases their dedication to creating a supportive and effective workplace.
    This consistent recognition from respected organizations shows their dedication to providing superior HR services and support to businesses across the nation.

    With over 50 years of service, Landrum HR has continually evolved, embracing challenges as opportunities to grow and better serve their clients. Their longevity and the accolades they've earned demonstrate their foundational stability and adaptive strategies in meeting the changing needs of businesses and their employees.

    Moreover, Landrum HR's ability to offer competitive affordable employee benefits, including health insurance and retirement plans is a significant advantage for small businesses. When partnering with Landrum HR, businesses gain access to benefits that rival those of Fortune 500 companies, which is crucial for attracting and retaining top talent.

    By managing every aspect of these benefits, from clear communication to handling the paperwork, Landrum HR alleviates the complexities associated with offering such programs. This comprehensive support extends to risk management, ensuring a safe and compliant work environment, further solidifying Landrum HR's position as the best PEO for small businesses.

    Pros of LandrumHR:
    • Highly responsive and prompt customer service
    • Over 50 years of experience
    • Support and services that scale with a business as it grows
    Cons of LandrumHR:
    • Best suited for companies with under 5,000 employees
    • Limited services available to business headquartered in California and New York
    Contact Information: PEO-CTA-Need-the-Best-PEO-for-Your-Small-Business-750x200.jpg


    AccessPoint emerges as a leading contender in the PEO space, offering HR solutions that include employee training and human resources management. With a model that enables businesses to focus on their core competencies while entrusting HR responsibilities to

    AccessPoint's skilled professionals, they present a robust option for companies looking to streamline their HR functions. Customized pricing ensures that services are tailored to the specific needs and budgets of their clients.
    Pros of AccessPoint:
    • Over 30 years of industry expertise
    • Vast array of services
    • Strong emphasis on comprehensive HR support
    Cons of AccessPoint:
    • Potential mismatch for highly specialized industries
    • Service bundle may exceed the needs of some small businesses
    • Potential for a one-size-fits-all approach that may not align with every business's unique culture and practices
    Contact Information:


    Aspen HR is a California-based human resources outsourcing firm that offers services designed to help businesses manage their HR needs more efficiently. Their services include payroll administration, benefits management, compliance assistance, and risk management. Aspen HR takes on the complexities of human resources tasks, allowing companies to focus on their core business operations.
    • Provides support with difficult California labor laws
    • Offer “white glove” PEO services
    • Support to global businesses looking to hire in the U.S.
    • “White glove” approach incurs additional cost
    • Only in business since 2017
    • California focus may mean lower level of support for other areas
    Contact Information


    Syndeo specializes in offering HR outsourcing solutions tailored to fit the unique needs of each business they partner with. Based in Kansas, their commitment to providing personalized services ensures that businesses receive HR support that is directly aligned with their specific challenges and goals.

    By focusing on key areas such as recruitment, payroll processing, compliance, and benefits administration, Syndeo aims to streamline HR operations, allowing businesses to concentrate on their core activities.
    • Offers a range of healthcare options and retirement plans tailored to employee needs
    • Access to competitive benefits crucial for talent attraction
    • Technology suite that simplifies and enhances HR tasks
    • May require a higher level of engagement to fully utilize technology tools
    • Customization level may lead to higher costs compared to standard packages
    • Less experienced (established in 2002) than some other leading PEOs
    Syndeo's dedication to delivering customized HR services makes them a valuable partner for businesses looking to optimize their HR functions. Their focus on personalization ensures that businesses not only meet their current HR needs but are also well-prepared to adapt to future challenges.

    Contact Information:

    5.Tandem HR

    Tandem HR operates in the Chicago area and distinguishes itself in the field of HR solutions with its commitment to addressing and solving HR challenges through a combination of professionalism and proactivity. Their philosophy revolves around the notion that there is no obstacle too big to overcome, demonstrating their dedication to delivering exceptional HR support tailored to the unique needs of each business. This approach ensures that companies partnering with Tandem HR receive not only immediate solutions to their HR concerns but also strategic insights that anticipate and mitigate future challenges.

    Moreover, Tandem HR's stance on HR management ensures that potential issues are identified and addressed promptly, maintaining a smooth operational flow, and contributing to a positive work environment. Their team of HR professionals brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise, helping businesses navigate the complex landscape of HR regulations and best practices with confidence. Through their comprehensive services, Tandem HR empowers businesses to focus on their core activities, secure in the knowledge that their HR functions are in capable hands.

    • Largest privately held PEO in the Midwest
    • Full range of PEO and HR outsourcing services
    • “High-touch” services
    • Chicago and Midwest focus may lead to less services for businesses located elsewhere
    • Additional cost from “high-touch” approach
    • Customized technology may lead to difficulty integrating existing systems
    Contact Information:

    6.Xenium HR

    Operating out of Portland, Oregon, Xenium HR distinguishes itself in the PEO space with a strong emphasis on aligning its services with the values and culture of its client businesses. This approach is particularly evident in their commitment to understanding and integrating into the unique ecosystems of their partners. Xenium HR's dedication to fostering environments that value people and culture resonates well with businesses that hold these elements at the core of their operational philosophy.

    Additionally, Xenium HR's ability to understand and integrate into their clients' business operations underscores their role as not just service providers but as true partners in HR management. This partnership facilitates the creation of HR solutions that are tailored to the specific challenges and goals of each business, ensuring that human resources strategies contribute positively to overall business success. Xenium HR's focus on people and culture, combined with their  HR services, makes them a good choice for businesses seeking to enhance their HR functions while preserving their core values.
    • Custom HR offers personalized approach
    • Local expertise for businesses located in Oregon
    • Offers state tax registration service
    • Oregon focus means fewer options for businesses headquarter in other states
    • Owned by large conglomerate which may mean less personalized service
    • Two main service offerings means fewer choices
    Contact Information:
    • Website: https://xeniumhr.com/contact-us/request-a-quote/
    • Phone: 503‐612‐1555

    7.Tilson HR

    Tilson HR, operating out of Indiana, is renowned for their HR and payroll services that cater to the needs of businesses aiming for growth and operational efficiency. Their expertise in HR management has earned them accolades from various partners, who commend Tilson HR for allowing them to focus on their core missions and strengths while Tilson handles the complexities of HR and payroll.

    Key aspects of Tilson HR's services include:
    • HR and Payroll Management: Ensuring that businesses can focus on their growth and core activities without being bogged down by the intricacies of HR processes and payroll management.
    • Expertise and Support: Providing a level of knowledge and support that puts businesses at ease, knowing that their HR functions are managed by specialists.
    • Customized Solutions for Growth: Offering solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses, especially during crucial times of change and expansion.
    Feedback from clients highlight Tilson HR's role in not only simplifying HR and payroll processes but also in contributing to their leadership development and competitive edge. Their services are a testament to the significant return on investment that professional HR management can bring to businesses, particularly small and growing ones.

    • 30 years of experience
    • Family-owned
    • Local expertise for Indiana-based businesses
    • Indiana expertise may lead to less resources and support for businesses located in other areas
    • Not ESAC certified
    • Specialized services may lead to additional cost
    Contact Information:
    • Website: https://www.tilsonhr.com/contact-us/
    • Phone: 800-276-3976

    Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a PEO

    Choosing the ideal professional employer organization (PEO) for your business is a journey to find a collaborative relationship designed to take your enterprise up a notch. Before making your decision, it’s important to consider several key factors.

    Typically, the best PEOs that offer the full suite of services will include:
    • Human resources administration
    • Accurate payroll processing
    • Management of workers’ compensation claims
    • Provision of employee benefits
    • Access to convenient and easy-to-use HR systems
    This collective set defines how well your company will perform, yet it’s the leading elements—certification and range of service offerings—that are pivotal in setting the standard.

    It's essential for your business to find a PEO that aligns with your goals and company culture in a straightforward, harmonious way.

    Find Out How a Top PEO Can Help Your Business

    Embark on your path to find the ideal PEO, a journey crucial for fostering business growth. LandrumHR, with over 50 years of award-winning experience, offers customized PEO services tailored to the unique needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

    Consider the offerings of potential PEOs carefully, choosing one that resonates with your company's key goals and objectives. Landrum HR is here to help you conduct your business's HR symphony to perfection, providing the support you need to achieve your goals.

    Reach out to our team to learn how Landrum HR can amplify your success, giving you the time to focus on what truly matters for your business's growth.