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    How to Avoid Scandal in a Scandalous World

    by Daniel Harrell, Attorney at Clark Partington

    Every employee has the right to work in an environment free from sexual harassment and laws exist to prohibit workplace harassment. Accordingly, employers, both large and small, must take preventative measures to safeguard their workforce from discrimination and harassment claims of all types. Recent claims involving high profile individuals have raised societal consciousness on workplace harassment, and employers must be on high alert. While employers cannot necessarily control the behaviors of each employee, employers must implement policies to stop harassing behavior, either before it ever begins or promptly after it is reported.  In this webinar, Employment Lawyer, Daniel Harrell, discusses how employers can take preventative measures to prevent their workplace from the next scandal.

    He also touches on medical marijuana in the workplace and how that could affect your organization, as well as how to handle employees and social media.


    5 Easy Ways Employers Can Stay Protected From Cyber Threats

    by David McCullough, Chief Technology Officer at LandrumHR

    Did you know that the biggest threat to your organization is not an outside hacker, and it isn’t an internal employee looking to do harm?

    David has spent the last twenty-five years in the tech world, and is excited to not only explain to you what’s going on in cybersecurity – but offer you five [EASY] things you can take back to your office to start better protecting your company in the New Year!

    Gazing into the Crystal Ball: HR Trends We’re Sure to See in 2018

    by Becki Haines, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Director of Training and Consulting at LandrumHR

    Get the inside scoop on 2018 human resources trends from HR thought leader, Becki Haines. We all know that in order to remain current and relevant in the marketplace, we must stay ahead of the game by preparing for some of the hot-button HR topics coming our way.

    Becki has over 20 years of human resources experience and wants to use this webinar to help business leaders understand the “why” behind these trends and give them the tools to address these trends with confidence in the New Year.

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