• Dedicated HR Expert On-Call

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have an HR expert just a phone call away? You are the expert at managing your business, but managing people requires specific knowledge and skills. Most likely, you don’t have the time to research and respond to all the HR issues that may come up. With Landrum Consulting, a certified HR manager will personally assist you in addressing your HR needs.  Sit back, manage your business and let our professional staff take care of your human resources needs.

  • Human Resources Assessment

    Do you know where your organization stands regarding your legal obligations as an employer? There are many laws, executive orders and regulations that govern human resource practices. Landrum’s HR professionals will review your documents and processes to identify problem areas that require attention. If your employment practices and record keeping aren’t where they need to be, we will give you specific, actionable recommendations for what needs to change and where to start.

    • HR practices
    • Personnel records
    • Employment-related documents
    • Wage & hour
  • Strategic Management

    Your organization is unique so our strategic management system and tools are designed to be completely customizable to suit your situation. After our planning professionals lead you through a complete strategic planning cycle your organization will have a model that can be duplicated (with or without a professional facilitator) for years to come.  Our proven system will help your organization drill down to what is really important, articulate your vision, identify appropriate goals and establish meaningful measures.  We will work hand-in-hand with your team to create a dynamic plan that is action oriented, user-friendly and attainable.

    • Customized One-Page Strategic Plan
    • Measurable objectives
    • Action items assigned to individuals
    • Regular follow-up sessions
  • Employee Relations

    If the culture in your office needs a lift, you might benefit from having outside help. In fact, your employees might be bogged down with issues you don't even know about. Through focus groups and custom employee surveys, an Organizational Development Specialist works with your team to pinpoint problem areas and make recommendations to get your company back on track.

    • Morale problems
    • Pay or benefit dissatisfaction
    • Lack of motivation
  • Investigations

    If your business receives a work-related complaint from an employee, you could find yourself scrambling through old emails, phone conversations and examining conflicting points of view. We can reduce your risk and frustration by handling the investigative work and asking the hard questions in an unbiased and professional manner.  If requested by you, we can follow up with an oral or written report explaining our findings.  Our goal is to help you handle these matters proactively.  Our expert HR Managers are trained to investigate employee concerns including:

    • Discrimination
    • Harassment
    • Compensation
    • Perceived unfair treatment
  • Employee Terminations

    An uncomfortable part of running a business is removing the employees that don't match up to company expectations. In some cases, you may want to fire them, but you're not sure if you have legal grounds to do so. In other cases, you know the person isn't right, but personal relationships make letting them go nearly impossible. Our HR department can assess the risk factors, recommend alternatives to firing, and make sure you are compliant with the law.

  • Enrichment Workshops

    We offer a variety of customized classes, seminars, trainings, and workshops geared toward building your skills and your effectiveness as a leader.