Landrum Professional

Helping you work a better way.

Employees are the greatest assets of any company. At Landrum Professional Employer Services, Inc., we have the tools and experience to build a company's relationship with its employees into everything it can be. We help minimize problems, maximize solutions and assist companies in building the quality workforce they need to succeed, while helping owners maximize their productivity and profitability.

How do we do that? Landrum Professional is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), which allows us to offer employers benefits and services that rival those offered by much larger companies. In fact, Landrum was the first Florida PEO accredited by the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC) (view video). Because both Landrum Professional and the client company have an employment relationship with the employee, we assume responsibility for the "business of employment," from health insurance to payroll tax compliance and risk management. The result is Landrum Professional establishing an employment relationship with the employee while providing a complete human resource and employee benefit package.

Landrum Professional gives employees seeking financial security, quality health insurance, a safe working environment, and opportunities for retirement savings the peace of mind their goals are being managed. By shifting these responsibilities to Landrum, employers gain greater command of the core revenue-generating aspects of their businesses.

Accredited By ESAC